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Having Fun with Silverware jewelry since 2007!


About Us

Silverware and stone pendants

Funky Silverware Jewelry

We are Melissa and Lew, a husband and wife team and Whimsical Wonders is our brainchild.  We started our arts and crafts business with just Wind chimes and have evolved into creators of fun and funky silverware jewelry, spoon rings and other unique items. 


Wind Chimes

Whimsical Wonders has been having fun with silverware since 2006, when they started making their whimsical wind chimes as Holidays gifts. Their arts and crafts business has grown as they’ve continued to innovate and create many items, including silverware jewelry, spoon rings, accessories and other fun items from vintage silver plated silverware, as well as beautiful lamps made from tea pots, sugar bowls and a variety of well loved musical instruments.    


Melissa and Lew

During this evolution, we also realized that this was the perfect way to subsidize one of our favorite pastimes, which is traveling and enjoying the outdoors at music and craft festivals throughout the year.